Love Mosaique Turquoise AVAILABLE NOW!
Love Mosaique Turquoise AVAILABLE NOW!
A leather flip-flop with a mosaic pattern, woven glass beads. This slipper has a soft leather footbed. Available in colours: taupe, turquoise and white
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Love Mosaique Turquoise

Model: Love Mosaique
Color: Turquoise
Material: Leather and glass beads
Feature: Very comfortable leather inside sole, slip slipper

Slippers and sandals from the Mzury collection are hand-crafted by local artisans. The soft leather that is used will even get softer by many wearing. The beadwork is real craftsmanship quality which they are very good at in Kenya because of old traditions.

Mzury only use the best materials to put together their unique collection so that you, as a consumer, will enjoy it for a long time.